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We delight in sharing our passion for flowers in this splendid atmosphere that nurtures creativity and invention. Our leading-edge workshops will benefit flower lovers of any experience level. Our farm is not open to the public so this is a real opportunity to experience its beauty and see its operation. Can't make it to the farm? Explore our virtual workshops including our popular tuber video course.

Video Course

All About Tubers

By popular demand! Learn the many options for digging, dividing, and storing dahlia tubers to help determine what works best for you in this 45 minute streaming video.

tuber video course

I’ve been growing dahlias for almost 10 years, but visiting Bear Creek Farm has taken my dahlia game to a whole new level – I can’t wait to implement everything I learned next growing season!


The Bear Creek workshop was overwhelmingly informative, inviting and inspiring!"


This was my second trip to the farm. I loved it once again. I’m looking forward to buying some tubers from you when you start selling them.


Debra certainly knows her dahlias and how to get the best out of a tuber. The farm itself is lovely and dahlia-inspiring.


Conference was well organized; it was evident that Debra and her team put a lot of thought and attention to detail. Debra was very welcoming and generously shared information.


Visiting Bear Creek Farm is something to treasure. It’s a space that allows you to unwind and reconnect with nature and understand just how possible it is to create an oasis of your own at home. Debra hasn’t been doing this her whole life. She made a pivot from a successful, corporate career into the farm life – and seeing that in action is incredibly inspiring and encouraging.


Debra’s approach is completely unique to me… I feel she did a very deep research about the needs and the absolute ideal conditions this plant has to be grown…I felt a lot of confidence in trying to experiment with what you got… Gathering all this info it is hard work so I truly appreciate this and I do not regret the $ I spent at all for this day.


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Our workshops happen spring through fall with new ones added regularly.

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