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Tuber Video Course

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By popular demand! Learn the many options for digging, dividing, and storing dahlia tubers to help determine what works best for you.

Tuber handling can be an anxiety-producing part of the dahlia experience so we want to guide the way and eliminate any concerns you might have. There are many alternative ways to manage the process depending on quantity of tubers, equipment, and time you want to dedicate. You’ll learn different options to figure out what’s best for you.

What is Featured?

Taken directly from our on-site workshops, you’ll see how a commercial grower processes dahlia tubers. This will be followed by digging and washing tubers. Next up will be tuber division and its various methods, and a full discussion of tuber storage. Throughout the session, we discuss the options of leaving tubers in the ground versus digging, and pros and cons of dividing tubers in the fall versus spring. You’ll also see responses to questions by other gardeners.

What You Will Learn

  • How to dig tubers without breakage
  • The appropriate water pressure for washing tubers
  • Techniques for dividing tubers even if you can’t see the eyes
  • A complete understanding of storage and what might be best suited to your situation

Above all, you’ll see the many options for tuber processing and how you manage it depends greatly on the time you wish to spend, available space and temperature control you have. You’ll be able to decide what suits your situation best because there are many successful options.

Whether you are a gardener, dedicated dahlia lover or flower farmer, you’ll be armed with all the possible ways to handle your dahlia tubers. You might decide one way is right for you or to try several to see what works best.

Who Will Benefit and Bloom from Our Workshop

  • flower lovers/hobbyists who want to successfully overwinter their favorite garden dahlias;
  • flower farmers who want to enhance their dahlia knowledge; and
  • florists/floral designers who want to understand more about dahlias.


The approximate 45 minute video streaming is $59.95 and you will be able to view it now and forever as a reference. It is not a one-time stream.

Please note that purchasers agree not to share the video or give out their code to anyone and that it is for their exclusive use, and any duplication of video would be a violation of copyright subject to legal process.