Welcome to the farm

We grow flowers and see nurturing beauty as an expression of our best selves. We see footholds for anyone interested in flowers, beauty, or personal growth at Bear Creek Farm. We encourage the novice gardener as well as the most expert. We gently remind everyone that “perfect” things are hard-won, sometimes perfect and more accessible in their imperfection. Flowers—be they dahlias, peonies, or anemones—are bright spots of beauty in a world that can challenge even the heartiest among us. The soft petal of a dew-kissed flower early in the morning is a reminder that every day is a new experience. A dahlia tuber is a reminder that a thing, carefully tended, springs back from root to beauty. Any seed set in clean, fertile earth can grow into micro-expressions of unexpected delight.

  • investing in the future

    While I am proud to have Bear Creek Farm recognized in the national press as the purveyor of the best dahlias and tall plants and delighted to have our flowers featured by internationally renowned fashion designers and floral arrangers, I am equally proud of how we operate. We know that investing in sustainable growing practices is critical to the future of flower farming. The future is now. We grow a singularly gorgeous product, but we believe it is made even more beautiful in that it promises that more will continue to grow.

  • recognizing our impact

    Bear Creek Farm is nestled in a tiny hamlet in New York’s Hudson River Valley region. Living and working here reminds us of our impact on a human scale. We face together, with our friends and neighbors, all the challenges that accompany nurturing plants and people. We manage unpredictable weather patterns. We incur the additional costs of sustainable farming. We integrate fair and dignified labor practices as part of our core mission.

beauty is for everyone

At Bear Creek Farm, we nurture, cultivating beauty with attention to every flower and field. Equally, we embrace the opportunity to connect people to nature. Central to our ethos is the creation of safe, green spaces where people can think, play, risk, and learn. There is no “spin” when things don’t go as planned. It is just part of the process. Mistakes aren’t mistakes - they are more inspired diversions. As Robert Browning wrote: “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?”

meet debra

When my husband Steven proposed, a florist friend suggested dahlias for the wedding. At the time, I knew nothing about growing flowers. However, my years of experience as a corporate strategist and innovation consultant taught me the best business plans begin with curiosity, research, and problem-solving. Of course, to succeed, one needs more than that. Without a seed of what Goethe calls “the boldness or genius of beginnings,” it is game over. As such, I began my journey as a novice grower, and what I planted for my wedding germinated a larger idea—one that continues to evolve.

A life that blooms

At Bear Creek Farm we tend to every seed, tuber, and flower knowing full well that nature evolves. We learn as we go. Our victories are especially sweet because they are part and parcel of the things that did not go as planned. We know we cannot control everything. Still, we recognize the importance of the effort, and we celebrate the unique role played by anyone interested in nurturing beauty from the ground up, as we work together toward a life that blooms.

Dahlia Tubers

Bear Creek Farm nurtures over 100 varieties of dahlias in an array of colors and sizes.
Tuber sales commence in December.

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