Collection: Micro Dahlia Tubers (Up to 2" Bloom Size)

Our collection of Micro Dahlia Tubers, which produce blooms of less than 2 inches, is but one variety of the multitudes dahlias deliver. Micro dahlias are small in literal measurement but make up for this in the outsized pop they add to any garden bed, almost as if they express their confidence in color rather than size - content to steal the show quietly. Each variety, cultivated at Bear Creek Farm, gives the gardener the opportunity to showcase their own aesthetic. Each one miraculously accents any garden. 

Here are some varieties of Micro Dahlia Tubers that we particularly love: purple Zippity-do-da Micro Dahlia Tubers, deep red Rocco Micro Dahlia Tubers, and white Aster Micro Dahlia Tubers. Asking yourself how to grow Dahlia Tubers? For information on how to grow dahlia tubers, read our blog post: Dahlias, a how-to guide.

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