Collection: Miniature Dahlia Tubers (Up to 4" Bloom Size)

Our collection of Miniature Dahlia Tubers, with blooms of less than 4 inches, exemplifies the subtleties of these incremental sizes and blooms.

Each variety, cultivated at Bear Creek Farm, gives the gardener the opportunity to showcase their own aesthetic in the selection of these still compact (but larger than 2-inch) micro blooms. Similar to their cousin, the micro dahlia tuber, these miniatures are mischievous - pretending to play a supporting role, they are scene stealers and make everything around them better. 

Here are some varieties of miniature dahlia tubers that we particularly love: the orange Sylvia Maarn Micro Dahlia Tuber, the dark red La Recoleta Micro Dahlia Tuber, and the pink Sebastian Micro Dahlia Tuber. These are but a few, and Bear Creek Farm offers additional varieties in colors, including yellow, white, coral, and more. Asking yourself how to grow Dahlia Tubers? For information on how to grow dahlia tubers, read our blog post: Dahlias, a how-to guide.

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