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Full-flowered Lavender Wreath
Full-flowered Lavender Wreath
Full-flowered Lavender Wreath

Full-flowered Lavender Wreath

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Flowers are far more than miracles of nature presented in a vase. Consider a bloom, a stem. Pause to take it all in. There are the petals, and the veins, the interconnected colors that seep into each other - an artist palette of gentle nuance. In recognition of the different bounty nature rendered this year, we, as ever, will play it as it lays. 

Nature delivers all she can - and in so doing, calls to us to find the ways to find reveal the too-often neglected underbelly of beauty. It is there, and we found it during the drought of 2022 that plagued the northeast (and beyond) by drying flowers. It is no less beautiful. Seeing this requires only a different eye, the ability to pivot - another facet of the same prism.

At Bear Creek Farm, we cultivate beauty from the ground up. These wreaths remind that floral rewards from nature, though cyclical, can be ever-lasting. Made up of an abundance of different flowers all grown at the farm, the base scent of wonderful lavender recalls a refreshing summer day.

  • Artfully handcrafted, custom handmade dried wreaths made from everything that we have organically grown and dried on-site at Bear Creek Farm. 
  • Richly layered with a variety of textures, these wreaths are made up of an abundance of different flowers. Among those used are Gala asters, celosia, yarrow, straw flowers, hydrangea, blue thistle, ornamental grasses, dusty miller and calendula.
  • All botanicals are air-dried.
  • Wreaths are approximately 24” x 24”. Size may vary slightly as each wreath is handmade and we want to craft the most beautiful offering. If we achieve our best wreath in a slightly smaller or larger form, that is what we will deliver. No two are alike. 
  • Wreaths are made from dried materials and therefore last for a long time. 
  • These wreaths will be available before Thanksgiving and make an inspired fall decoration – an alternative, say, to a gourd or dried corn. (No disrespect to gourds or corn is intended here.)
  • These wreaths are a perfect (and unexpected) Thanksgiving hostess gift. 

Shipping & Delivery

Wreaths are hand crafted and will ship within 2-4 weeks.

All orders ship FedEx Ground.

$20.95 for one wreath
$16.45 extra for each additional wreath

Made-to-order, this item is non-cancellable and non-refundable.