Collection: Large Dahlia Tubers (8-10" Bloom Size)

Our collection of Large Dahlia Tubers, with blooms ranging from 8-10 inches, just keeps making a case for the vibrant diversity of this flower. The capacity of the Large Dahlia Tuber just gives and gives as it grows and grows - coaxing the eye to examine each petal with appropriate awe. 

Each Large Dahlia Tuber variety presents gardeners with the chance to use different colors and sizes - all blooms are set atop sturdy stems- which makes dahlias especially compelling to arrange. 

Here are some varieties of large dahlia tubers that we particularly love: the purple and white Yarra Falls Large Tuber, the peach and coral Steve Meggos Large Dahlia Tuber, and the untamed red and yellow Show ‘n’ Tell Large Dahlia Tuber. These are but a few, and Bear Creek Farm offers additional Large Dahlia Tuber varieties in colors such as white, red, and yellow. Asking yourself how to grow Dahlia tubers? For information on how to grow dahlia tubers, read our blog post: Dahlias, a how-to guide.

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