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Sustained Release Bio Fertilizer
Sustained Release Bio Fertilizer

Sustained Release Bio Fertilizer

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At Bear Creek Farm, the most common question we field is how our blooms thrive – how they are so vibrant and sturdy - as the case may be. The answer is multi-tiered - and involves all the seemingly tedious stuff that's part of our nurturing (such as watering and weeding - we get into a zone). That said, we do use green fertilizer developed for us by The Sanctuary - and this is also key to our success. 

It is now our pleasure to make this natural fertilizer available to our friends and supporters. 

It is important to note that not everyone needs to use fertilizer. At Bear Creek Farm, we are careful in how we present this issue as many people can grow gorgeous blooms without benefit of fertilizer. Whether or not to use fertilizer depends largely upon the nutrients in your soil, and other variables. Fertilizer can help in certain circumstances, but it is not magic. (See above regarding watering and weeding.) Therefore, before investing in fertilizers in general, consider the organic state of your soil. Seeking expertise from a local nursery can be helpful in this regard or doing a chemical soil test.

If it seems as though your flowers would benefit from fertilizer, Bear Creek Farm is happy to share. We are offering our fertilizer in a size that is packaged for use by the home consumer. (You don’t need to own a flower farm– a small, lovely garden patch outside a sun flecked kitchen will do just fine.) 

Our Bear Creek Farm fertilizer is an all-natural water-soluble biological fertilizer containing a broad range of beneficial bacteria and fungi. It enhances soil activity and provides a controlled, sustained release of nutrients throughout the growing season. Rooting, microbial stimulation and overall plant health are improved, which helps promote color and growth. In layman’s terms: 

Our own fertilizer nourishes plants and roots to grow resilience. It promotes gorgeous blooms. This is a spray intended for annual and perennial flowers. Use three tablespoons per gallon of water - and watch a proliferation of floral colors take their respective turns and then their bows. 

  • Feeds Hungry Soil. Stimulates beneficial microbial populations (helpful bacteria, promotes clean soil) to better facilitate nutrient absorption into roots, plants, flowers.
  • Prevents Precipitates. Introduces a nonionic wetting agent into the soil which mitigates the formation of precipitate. (Precipitate is a naturally occurring solid that can form and inhibit plant growth.)
  • Gradual Regeneration. Releases into the soil both slowly and sustainably. 
  • Useful Without Regard to Soil Types. Enhances nutrients in any soil type in which pH levels are an issue. pH levels are those that measure soil acidity.
  • No Plant Burn. Does not burn your plantings and contains low salt nutrients to benefit plant safety. (Fertilizer burn can occur when concentrations of fertilizers and salts pull too much moisture from developing root systems causing plants to wither or die.) 

PRO TIP: Before you go down the fertilizer rabbit hole, remember to have fun with your flowers. How you place yourself in nature is neither scientific nor quantifiable. Experimenting with what works means that not everything will. But if you remember to look around, you will have a grand time.

In addition to the ingredients on the label, this fertilizer contains the following probiotics:

Bacillus subtilis 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Bacillus licheniformis 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Bacillus firmus 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Bacillus megaterium 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Bacillus pumulis 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Bacillus azotoformans 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Bacillus coagulans 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Paenibacillus polymyxa 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Paenibacillus durum 20,000,000 CFU per lb
Streptomyces lydicus 200,000 CFU per lb
Trichoderma hamatum 200,000 CFU per lb
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 200,000 CFU per lb

Available in the United States only. Ships in April.

How to Grow

Use 3 tablespoons per gallon of water as a foliar spray on annual and perennial flowers. Makes approximately twelve gallons per package of fertilizer.

Our Guarantee

The Sanctuary, Inc. warrants that this product conforms to the analysis on its label. When used in accordance with label directions, under normal conditions, this product is reasonably fit for its intended purposes. Since timing, method of application, weather, plant, and soil conditions, mixture with other chemicals, and other factors affecting the use of this product are beyond our control, no warranty is given concerning the use of this product contrary to label directions or under conditions which are abnormal or not reasonably foreseeable. The user assumes all risks of any such use.

Shipping & Delivery

When ordered at the same time as dahlia tubers, each bag of fertilizer is the equivalent of adding a tuber to shipping. Priority Mail USPS – $14.95 for orders of 3 tubers or less, $20.95 for four tubers or more.

Ordered separately, fertilizer ships Priority Mail USPS $14.95 in the United States only. Fertilizer ships in April.