We have included answers to some frequently asked questions.

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Can I visit the farm or take a tour?

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We are sorry but the farm is not open to the public except to those who attend our workshops or on special Garden Conservancy Open Days. Please sign up for our newsletter below to be in the know about these events.

Are you hiring?

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We are fortunate to have an amazing, dedicated team with low turnover at the farm. However, we are growing and from time-to-time positions become available. However, an opening is rare, so it is best to wait that we announce that we are hiring.

Can I volunteer?

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Though volunteer work is well-intentioned, people unfamiliar with the way we work require training and personal attention as day workers are not familiar with our work processes. This can be a distraction from our busy time in the field.We appreciate the generous sentiment but feel community gardens and non-profit organizations are a better fit for volunteers.

Do you offer consultations?

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Debra’s time is extremely limited as the farm continues to grow and expand. On rare occasions, this service is available.

What do you recommend if I want to start a flower farm?

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First recognize that it is a lot harder than you may think. Farming is a hard task in all kinds of inclement weather. Second, read all you can. There is a lot of information and not all is right for you because the source may be planting in a different area from where you live or just have a different experience. Be prepared for trial and error. Working at a nearby flower farm for a time can be a tremendous boost up before starting your own farm. Think about joining theAssociation of Specialty Cut Flower Growers,ASCFG.org. It’s a great resource for flower farmers.

Can I use your photos?

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Bear Creek Farm retains the legal copyright and ownership of all images. It is illegal to crop, modify, scan, and reproduce the photos, images, or artwork on our website or from our social media in any manner without our written permission.The federal copyright law protects the copyright of all our images. Please do not take any images from our blog, website, or social media channels without permission. If you repost one of our images on the internet or any social media sites, proper credits with link backs must be included on every image. Thank you.

Do you have gift certificates available?

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Yes!  We have digital gift cards.Shop gift cards here

Bear Creek Farm CSA Flower Subscription Questions

What happens to my share if a natural disaster occurs that wipes out the flowers?

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Unfortunately, farming is entirely at the mercy of Mother Nature. While we make every effort possible to mitigate crop losses, extreme weather (drought, flood, hail, etc.) can significantly impact crops and availability of flowers for the CSA. By signing up for a CSA, you share in both the risk and rewards of agriculture with us. We promise to work tirelessly to make sure we're prepared for whatever nature throws at us and while it would be highly unlikely to lose a whole crop, it is worth mentioning this outside possibility. 

Will you be opening more pick-up locations?

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We're looking for more CSA partners. If you know of a potential site (office, business, home, etc.) that would like to host a CSA pick-up, please contact us. Please know we need 30 or more subscriptions to open a new location.

Can I order extra flowers to pick up with my share?

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Absolutely you can and we would be delighted. You are welcome to email or text the CSA manager with two days advance notice and we'd be happy to add an additional flower order to your CSA share.

Will my share be held over if I cannot make my day's pickup?

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We understand that emergencies occur. Should you not be able to make your pick-up, it is up to each of our partner locations' discretion as to whether your share can be held overnight. Please keep in mind that these locations will not be responsible for your shares and do not have coolers to maintain flowers in proper condition. All shares for pickup at the Bear Creek Farm Bangall location will be held for 24 hours if notified in advanced.

If my pick-up falls on a holiday, should I still go to pick up?

+ -

It is unlikely there would be a pick-up on a major holiday. However, we will always communicate with shareholders if there are any changes to the CSA schedule.

Bear Creek Farm Workshop Questions

I want to bring my camera to record videos so I can rewatch them later. Is that ok?

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So sorry but video recording of any kind is strictly prohibited during our workshop.

If we are doing hands-on design, will you critique our work and give feedback/guidance?

+ -

The group is small enabling lots of one-on-one connections. There will be feedback on the pieces you create, but also respect for your own creativity and design style. We’ll make suggestions on how you can improve your design while staying true to the style you favor.

What does the fee include?

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All the flowers plus vase, knife and other materials to create a truly smashing design. It also includes the expert’s fees, workbook, food, rentals and staff we need to make the day a phenomenal success. It is truly an extraordinary opportunity.

What is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

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Just like a client booking a wedding or another event, we base our business on booked events and plan accordingly. With that, this workshop is not cancellable, non-transferable and non-refundable. While we understand that life happens sometimes, please verify that you can 100% attend the workshop before you register. Check all travel aspects. We will not be able to refund you for any monies paid at any point, for any reason. Our course involves staffing, vendors, rentals, product, and so many other elements that are based on a “by attendant” basis. We are charged based on the number of people that register and we are also unable to make cancellations with said vendors on our end, so this course is non-refundable. 

Will you offer recommendations on local attractions and restaurants for workshop participants?

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Yes, in your welcome packet you will receive an email with things to do in the area along with recommended bed and breakfasts. Of course, as an historic area, there are also quite a lot of AirBnb’s from which to choose.

Order and Shipping Questions

Do you offer international shipping?

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Yes, we ship non-plant products – gifts and gear – internationally. Dahlia tubers and seeds only ship to Canada and the United States. Our shipping section on each product has details and requirements related to shipping plant products internationally.

Do you have a printed catalogue?

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Sorry, we do not have a printed catalogue. We are 100% paperless and our entire offering can be viewed online.

When will my order be shipped?

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Dahlia tubers begin shipping in April or weather permitting at the end of March. For all other items unless otherwise noted in the product description, most orders ship within 5 business days. We are unable to expedite orders currently.

Something disappeared in my cart during an online order. What happened?

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Our online store is set-up as “first checked-out, first served”. We typically experience high volume during the first few hours of tuber sales and items might sell out in minutes. As products sell out quickly, we are sorry, but they may disappear from your cart without notice.

Can I change my order?

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Once an order has been placed, we cannot cancel, add or subtract items. If you want additional products not included in your original order, please place a new order.  We are sorry, but we are unable to combine separately placed orders or cancel orders.

When will your seeds be available?

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In early January, we will release our full seed line.  Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on availability announcements.

What payment methods do you accept?

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We accept payment by major credit cards, ApplePay and GooglePay.

Do you offer a guarantee on your dahlia tubers?

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At Bear Creek Farm quality is everything. We guarantee to provide healthy, quality dahlia tubers, true to variety and in prime condition for growing, and to deliver them directly to your home. Clear instructions for garden planting are included with every order.

While we cannot accept responsibility for losses caused by extreme weather, poor field conditions, pests, neglect, or rodent damage, we do guarantee your complete satisfaction or a replacement of the same variety will be sent the following spring. Please let us know by October 1 of the same growing season of any concerns. Please note we do not replace tubers planted in pots as we recommend planting your tubers in the ground; dahlias are not container lovers. (The exceptions are Melody Mambo and Red Pygmy, which are dwarf dahlias.) Our guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the tubers only; shipping costs are nonrefundable. Bear Creek Farm is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from crop failure.

Reselling tubers originally purchased from Bear Creek Farm voids all guarantees on the tubers.

Do you offer a guarantee on your seeds?

+ -

We guarantee that our seeds will grow and are true to variety. Please see our guarantee section on our product pages. This guarantee is limited to the purchase price of seeds only and does not include shipping fees or liability or damages resulting from crop failure. Reselling seeds originally purchased from Bear Creek Farm voids all guarantees on the seeds.

Product Questions

How do I determine my growing zone?

+ -

To find your hardiness zone, please see the USDA hardiness zone map. If you live outside the U.S., please consult plantmaps.com.

How should I over winter my tubers?

+ -

If you live in a place where the temperatures fall below freezing overwinter, it is best to dig up and store your tubers. Please see our care guide on the product pages for recommendations, purchase ourtuber videoor join one of our tuberworkshops.