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Within the pastoral setting of Bear Creek Farm, our botanical artistry has been recognized by the crème de la crème of the fashion world, a reputation echoed in our tee-shirt line, with its fusion of chic and functionality. While the acknowledgement from esteemed figures humbles us, our runway is the earth beneath us, not the catwalk. Our days are invested in soil-riddled clothes, relishing the primal battle between trowel and root as we bask in the victory of a well-planted bulb. The sun turns us warm. Thirst seizes us. Yet, our quest for comfort prevails. The emblem of Bear Creek Farm on our t-shirts promises a cool reprieve under the relentless summer sun. Despite the generous coating of sunscreen, some of us cultivate the distinctive farmer's tan – badges of honor on our necks and arms, testifying to our relentless pursuit of cultivating splendor from the soil.

If you know someone who embodies this “gardening spirit”, our tee shirts are available in 2 designs – and make a perfect gift - for any occasion.

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