Collection: Giant Dahlia Tubers (10"+ Bloom Size)

Our collection of Giant Dahlia Tubers, with blooms 10+ inches in size, is the show-stopping curtain call for this tremendous flower - and one of the reasons Dahlias send people swooning. The largesse of the Giant Dahlia Tuber just gives and gives as it grows and grows - attracting an audience similar to one gathered around an immense soap bubble, all there to witness and celebrate the size on display before it pops, exploding into something like prismed rainbows. 

Each Giant Tuber Dahlia variety cultivated at Bear Creek Farm provides assurances to gardeners that their product will be stunning - and calls one to be bold. Steal a page from the flower being tended and go big

Here are some varieties of giant dahlia tubers that we particularly love: salmon Wyn’s Giant Dahlia Tuber, subtle purple Shiloh Noelle Dahlia Giant Tuber, and the deep red Zorro Dahlia Giant Tuber. Asking yourself how to grow Dahlia tubers? For information on how to grow dahlia tubers, read our blog post: Dahlias, a how-to guide.

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