farm fresh floral arrangements from bear creek farm

“nature is pleased with simplicity.
and nature is no dummy.”

– isaac newton

beautifully arranged • Simple Design • Simple Process

While we may have a national reputation as a go-to for high-end fashion shoots, so too do we love to deliver simple floral arrangements for any budget.

We love weddings

The florals invoke a personal nostalgia for me. Bear Creek Farm began because when I married, a florist friend suggested dahlias for the wedding. Not knowing much about them, I set off on a new path and started to grow them. From the seed (or tuber, really) of this idea, Bear Creek Farm began - and continues to evolve. Weddings are a joy, but they can become stressful too. I reject this and look to the natural world to calm. Flowers, for example, are evidence that nature can make perfect things. Flowers seeded in rich soil and tended are a stand-alone tribute to love. The right seed or tuber - with love, and luck - grows - to become a glorious bloom. A beautiful flower speaks for itself. Let’s not overthink.

That’s why we provide a simple, uncluttered approach to floral planning. Our process is streamlined by offering an easy range of lush, fresh arrangements, making selecting what’s best for your big event uncomplicated. We then arrange your selections using the best of what’s growing locally the week of your wedding. All you do is provide us with your choice of color palette and theme and the result is fresh-from-the-garden flowers in beautifully organic, abundant arrangements. An ideal solution for those wanting personal flowers, centerpieces and focal arrangements but not requiring customized, on-site set-up.

  • dazzling in simplicity

    We let the perfection of a petal speak for itself. The interwoven colors and variable petal and leaf textures speak volumes.

  • partners in selection

    Provide us with a preferred palette for exquisite flowers straight from the earth and stunning bouquets and arrangements.

  • committed to gorgeous

    We see flowers as beautiful. We believe in the purity and simplicity of nature; too much embellishment is sometimes a distraction.

  • clear about budgets

    Farm-fresh seasonal flowers don’t overwhelm budgets because they are available locally and on your wedding schedule.

get in touch

Please contact us and let us know something about the event. We look forward to being in touch. Having an event other than a wedding? We offer similar processes for lots of occasions.