Hudson Valley and Manhattan CSA’s

Thank you for your interest and continued support during these trying times. It means the world to us.

Here’s hoping some color and freshness can bring some joy and sweetness into your home. A little bit of nature can be so grounding. This season we are offering a CSA, making our blooms as readily available as possible.

What is a CSA? CSA is an abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture. When you become a member of our CSA, you are buying a “share” of the flowers we produce.  By purchasing a share, for four or six weeks, we will deliver the season’s most beautiful blooms to the pick-up location of your choice. You are not only greatly supporting us but also get a bit of sparkle for your home during this stressful time. We promise these flowers will brighten your week!

We have different share options available and you can choose whichever ones best suit you. If you choose both Peony Share and Dahlia Options, there will be some extra flowers coming your way as a sign of our gratitude and appreciation.


Peonies need no introduction and are universally loved. We have eight varieties of long-lasting double peonies: Nancy Nicholls, White Wicker, White Ivory, Duchesse de Nemours, My Love, Mother’s Choice, Fringed Ivory, and Amalia Olson. Our peonies are lovingly cared for throughout the growing season with side buds removed, maximizing energy and size to primary flower and giving a clean stem line perfect for flower arranging. We anticipate shares to begin second week of June but you will be notified in advance.

Your peonies will be mostly in bud form at pick up time. This ensures that they will last longer. Once opened, peonies will last a week or more.

The share is 4 weeks with choice of location and pick up time on the order form on next page. Pick up is either in Stanfordville or Union Square Market/Manhattan. We will advise the specific Stanfordville location via email after we receive your order.

Two types of shares are available: 6 luscious stems, which is our standard bunch or an amazing, huge bloom bursting 10-stem large bunch.

Standard Peony share – $144.00*
Large Peony share – $240.00*

Click here to order.



We will be offering many different combinations of shares from which to choose: giant dinner plate dahlias, small and medium groupings or an assortment. Of course, with over 100 award-winning dahlia varieties from which to select, you can imagine how exciting the choices will be!

We hope to have the information about the dahlia share very soon…in a few weeks.  Dahlia shares begin September.  Thank you!



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