Hudson Valley and Manhattan CSA’s

I never thought we would offer a CSA but we tried it as a new venture for Iceland poppies and peonies and loved doing it. Thank you for your interest and support. It means the world to us.

Now we are offering a CSA for our most requested flower, our award-winning dahlias. We will be harvesting the best of the best from our fields for you.

What is a CSA? CSA is an abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture. When you become a member of our CSA, you are buying a “share” of the flowers we produce. By purchasing a share, for four or six weeks, we will deliver the season’s most beautiful blooms to the pick-up location of your choice. You not only greatly support us but also get a bit of dazzle to brighten your home week after week. We promise lots of smiles!

Safety is a priority so pickup is outdoors and contactless.


There are many different combinations of shares from which to choose: giant dinner plate dahlias, medium-sized blooms, small groupings, or a fabulous bundled assortment. Of course, with over 100 award-winning dahlia varieties, we hope you find the choices not only exciting but just a little difficult to choose. More than one bunch a week is most welcome and always comes with a bonus.

You can select a 4- or 6- week share with choice of location and pick up time on the order form on the next page. Pick up is either in Stanfordville or Union Square Market/Manhattan. Your order confirmation will advise specific Stanfordville address for pick up. Look for our tent at Union Square Market if you are a New York City participant. Dahlia season usually begins early September. You will be notified one to two weeks in advance of start date.

Here’s the best part. When you buy a CSA share, there is a substantial savings over single stem price. It is our way of saying thank you for your continued support and generosity toward the farm.

Giant Dahlias


Our Herculean dinner plate dahlias are 8” to sometimes over 12″ in diameter depending on the variety! A farm speciality, we likely have the largest selection on the east coast. Stems like steel to hold their magnificent and showy heads, these flowers make a statement wherever they are placed. Stems are cut to 24″ long so perfect for that tall vase in an entryway, or just three can fill an arrangement for a table of eight. However you decide to use them, these stunning flowers are the floral event of the season. You’ll receive five of these amazing giants every week.

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Medium Dahlias


Medium-sized dahlias are a Mama Bear’s just right size. At 6”-8” in diameter, they are a large statement flower but not gargantuan. They are certainly the focal point of any flower arrangement or can easily carry a large vase just on their own. Medium size is hard to come by in most flowers but luckily we have a plentiful supply in an array of gorgeous colors. Five flowers form your weekly bunch. Combine a medium share with another share and you’ll also receive a delightful bouquet of weekly pompons at no extra charge.

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Small Dahlias


Dahlias always make such an impression that small doesn’t seem the right description. These dahlias are 4”-6” in diameter and feature all shapes from waterlily to stellar to laciniated. You’ll also find nature’s perfect ball shapes and a stunning color range from bold to pastel and eye-catching color blends. Like all our dahlias, stems are cut to a graceful 24″ long. Five dahlias are the weekly bunch size. Anyone who combines a small dahlia share with an additional share will also receive weekly pompon dahlias at no extra charge.

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Bear Creek Bundle


Dahlia Lovers this is for you! Our Bear Creek Bundle gives you a sampling of all we offer, which includes every dahlia size available. The assortment enables designing many different types of flower arrangements, especially since all stems are cut to our tall 24″ long. You’ll have enough flowers for single bud vases too. Week after week, you’ll be able to fill your home with a stunning array of colors and textures. Included in the bundle are 3 dinner plate dahlias, 2 medium dahlias, 3 small dahlias and 3 pompon dahlias, which are nature’s delicious pop-up lollipops. This weekly bundle will bring you stunning combinations of color and texture.

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