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CSA Iceland Poppies
CSA Iceland Poppies

CSA Iceland Poppies

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Coming in January

Iceland poppies have a beautiful, simple form with papery, ruffled petals that remind one of a favorite crushed silk blouse. This year we are growing Champagne Bubbles, an extremely productive variety, and Italian Colibri poppies, a larger, more rare variety. The Colibris are taller with larger blooms than other Iceland poppies in a dazzling assortment of colors, which includes a full range of pastels plus golden honey and white. 10 stems to the bunch.

Your poppies are buds at pick up time to ensure they will last longer. If they don’t open within a day or so, feel free to recut their stems and peel off that cute, little fuzzy green protective layer from the base of the stem to free the petals. Once opened, poppies will last 5-7 days.

Please choose 4-week option $140 
or 6-week option $215,  and desired location.