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CSA Peonies
CSA Peonies

CSA Peonies

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Coming in January

We have two different bouquet sizes available and you can choose what's right for you.

6-stem Peony

6 luscious double-size peonies are an intoxicating mix of these exquisite blooms to fill a large family table or enliven two rooms. Delicately scented, these ethereal flowers and treasured favorites include the colors of blush, cream and soft white. 

6-stem share $155 and please choose pickup location.

10-stem Peony

10 stunning, double-size peonies make for a huge, bloom-bursting, long-lasting bundle. Blush, cream and soft white set just the right tone for these exquisite, downy-soft, luxurious flowers. This swoon-worthy mix is guaranteed to lift your spirits to great heights. Please choose pickup location for your 4-week share.

10-stem share $260 and please choose pickup location.