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Myrtle's Brandy Tuber
Myrtle's Brandy Tuber

Myrtle's Brandy Tuber

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Size: Small (BB) 4-6 in.
Type: Formal Decorative
Color: Dark Blend
Height: 4-4.5 ft

How to Grow

Soil—not air—temperature is the key to healthy, beautiful dahlias.  A soil temperature of around 60 degrees is ideal. They won't grow faster if planted in cool soil and it could actually retard growth. Dahlias thrive in generous sun exposure - 6 to 8 hours a day. (A little afternoon shade can be helpful for dahlias in very hot climates.) Plant tubers horizontally in holes that are 6 inches deep, and 12-18 inches apart, depending on how big the varietal you’re planting. Unless you live in a hot, extremely dry climate, no need to start watering until after your tubers have sprouted, which will be in 3 to 10 weeks. For more flowers and a bushier plant, pinch or cut the center shoot just above the third set of leaves when the plant is twelve to eighteen inches tall.

Our Guarantee

At Bear Creek Farm quality is everything. We guarantee to provide healthy, quality dahlia tubers, true to variety and in prime condition for growing, and to deliver them directly to your home. Clear instructions for garden planting are included with every order.

While we cannot accept responsibility for losses caused by extreme weather, poor field conditions, pests, neglect, or rodent damage, we do guarantee your complete satisfaction or a replacement of the same variety will be sent the following spring. Please let us know by October 1 of the same growing season of any concerns. Please note we do not replace tubers planted in pots as we recommend planting your tubers in the ground; dahlias are not container lovers. (The exceptions are Melody Mambo and Red Pygmy, which are dwarf dahlias.) Our guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the tubers only; shipping costs are nonrefundable. Bear Creek Farm is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from crop failure.

Shipping & Delivery

Priority Mail USPS – $14.95 for orders of 3 tubers or less, $20.95 for four tubers or more.

Canadian Orders - $30.70 for orders of 3 tubers or less, $56.80 for orders of 4 tubers or more. There is an additional $25.00 fee for a sanitary certificate required by Canadian government.

Dahlia tubers begin shipping chronologically in April according to receipt of orders. All tuber orders will be shipped during the month of April. Thank you.

Online workshop

Tuber Video Course

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By popular demand! Learn the many options for digging, dividing, and storing dahlia tubers to help determine what works best for you.
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