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Peony Workshop
Peony Workshop
Peony Workshop
Peony Workshop

Peony Workshop

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Our peony workshop is scheduled for Saturday June 25, 2022. We delight in sharing our passion for these splendid flowers that embody patience and potential beginning as budded fists and slowly unfurling. Our leading-edge workshop will benefit flower lovers of any experience level. Our farm is not open to the public, so this is a real opportunity to experience its beauty, see its operation and learn about the flow, movement and texture of flower arranging.  

Bear Creek Farm, an innovative, fashion-forward flower farm, encapsulates the essence of New York City passion, ingenuity, and work ethic to lovingly cultivate each field. We are so honored that others have taken notice. New York Magazine awarded us Best Dahlias, LuxLife named us Best Wedding Floral Design and Global Media ranked us Best Dahlia & Tall Plant Agri-Business in North America. Along with this, our barn was a 2018 HGTV Faces of Design finalist and second place winner in Westchester Home Magazine. 

While we are proud of this recognition, we are equally proud of our sustained commitment to train everyone from novice flowers to those most expert in the field – and all those in between. At Bear Creek Farm, there is room for everyone to learn together. We recognize the central fact that nature, as a metaphorical flowering meadow, offers everyone a chance to experience personal growth. As such, workshops at Bear Creek Farm are both collaborative (we learn from one another) and deeply personal (we create a space for personal reflection about how one fits in nature, and the lessons it delivers when one listens quietly).

Growers of all levels (novice to advanced) are invited to learn from designer Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm, whose clients include Chanel, Carolina Herrera, and Ulla Johnson. Taylor will teach a floral arranging workshop making use of peonies Bear Creek Farm grows on site. (Do not be intimidated by Taylor’s reputation, which proceeds her. Taylor has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and is considered by Martha Stewart to be among the top 25 Floral designers nationally. That said, have you ever noticed that all the true geniuses - in any industry - are generous and eager to share? Taylor is one such generational talent, and a friend to Bear Creek Farm. Taylor enthusiastically shares our central ethos that flower growing is as much about personal growth as it is about floral growth.)

Participation is strictly limited so the entire experience will be personal and intimate.

What Will be Featured?

  • On-site Tour. Included in this full day will be a personalized tour welcoming participants to the farm.
  • Participants will then be instructed on two deep-dive classes on peonies. I will lead a detailed discussion that provides guidance on how to grow and harvest peonies. Giving peonies a good start early in their life can make an extraordinary difference in the type of bloom one experiences. Takeaway teaser: though easy to grow, there are just a few tips that can make all the difference in the plant’s long life.
  • In the afternoon Taylor will lead a floral arranging workshop that takes full advantage of the bounty this peony season using the singular blooms Bear Creek Farm provides. Taylor will be sharing her approach to designing with peonies specifically in mind. Using both large and smaller blooms, the workshop will focus on how to create variations in depth and texture to show that everyone can create floral magic.

Glance at the Day

  • The day will begin with a spring tour of Bear Creek Farm. The dwellings are award-winning restorations of historic architecture. Both gardens and farm areas are interwoven to create a feeling of “home” on the property so that your creative juices (even those you may doubt) begin to take shape. 
  • On-site you will learn about our sustainable growing techniques. You’ll see other features that make our farm special such as the oldest Sycamore Tree in Dutchess County. For those who find a certain comfort in the throwback, have a peak at our (still used) vintage 1948 Ford tractor. You’ll see features in progress such as woodland restorations and learn how these environments are renewed.
  • I will personally give a talk that focuses on growing peonies. We discuss how to make a great start, share some trade secrets, provide an explanation of why some varieties require different maintenance, the decisions we made - and why they may or may not be right for you. I welcome questions and provide answers to the best of my ability. (I also share about the mistakes I have made, and the lessons I learned.)
  • We then enjoy lunch. We see this as an opportunity to forge new friendships with those who love flowers and appreciate the beauty of art as nature.  
  • In the afternoon, Taylor will discuss her approach to design, what she loves about the opportunities and challenges that designing with peonies provides. She will lead a hands-on demonstration offering tips and tricks to creating beautiful (and playful) arrangements. Taylor pushes her students to seek out the whimsy. “Creating an arrangement however simple or complex is an extension of oneself. It’s an opportunity to be true to your creative self and to your tastes.” 
  • Afterward you will design your own arrangement. No need to worry about supplies as everything will be provided for you!
  • Complete your day with photo memories of the event. A professional photo scene will be set for pictures of your work.

 What’s Included                                                                                           

  • Luxury value in flowers for each individual floral arrangement;
  • all materials for arrangement including compote and knife;
  • take-home reference guide;
  • discount for peonies at;
  • discount for 2023 Bear Creek Farm dahlia tuber purchase; and
  • very limited class size to enable personalized attention in a supportive environment.

Who Will Benefit and Bloom from Our Workshop?

Floral designers with any level of experience

  • who want to learn from a design expert at the top of her game
  • who want to understand more about growing peonies

Flower lovers/hobbyists

  • who want to “play with flowers” and learn pro techniques along the way
  • who wish to have a successful peony patch in their backyard

Flower farmers

  • who are interested in corporate design or weddings who want to next-level their skills 
  • who want to enhance their peony knowledge and understand differences in peony type

    Full day workshop is $595.00. Class size is strictly limited to allow for personalized attention in an environment that is small and supportive. For FAQ regarding workshops, please go to resources on the website. 

    Referral Discount
    When you and a friend sign up together, we will extend a 10% off discount to each of you! Email us at for more info.