Bear Creek Farmers Market

More than just a farmers market

At Bear Creek Farm Farmers Market, we envision more than just a market – we're cultivating a vibrant hub where community, sustainability, and quality converge. Our mission is to connect Stanfordville and the surrounding communities with fresh, locally sourced produce and artisanal goods while fostering meaningful relationships and supporting our local economy. Please join us on this journey towards a healthier, more connected future, where every visit to Bear Creek Farm Farmers Market is an opportunity to enrich the body and uplift the spirit.

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Market information

Bear Creek Farm Farmers Market starts on May 18th 2024 and will take place every other week on Saturdays. Visit us for fresh produce and farm goods.

Days: Every other Saturday starting May 18th
Hours: 8:30am-1:30pm

Location: 108 Hunns Lake Rd, Bangall (Stanfordville), NY

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At the Bear Creek Farm Farmers Market, we're all about discovering the freshest finds, meeting local farmers, and enjoying a lineup of events that keep the community spirit high. Below, we’re putting the spotlight on the not-to-be-missed happenings that make us more than just a market—it’s where the good stuff is, from food trucks to local musicians and everything in between.

  • Summer’s Bounty: Indulge in Freshness at Our Farmers Market!

    Experience the bountiful harvest of July in the Northeast! Indulge in the freshest, juiciest produce of the season – from sweet corn and ripe tomatoes to crisp cucumbers. These peak-season delights are perfect for summer salads, grilling masterpieces, or enjoying straight from the vine. Visit our Farmers Market to immerse yourself in the essence of summer's finest offerings and elevate your dishes with the freshest ingredients. Come savor the season with us and taste the difference!
    Date: July 27th 2024
    Time: 9:00am-1:30pm

  • Discover Authentic Argentine Flavors with La Polla Food Truck!

    Embark on a culinary adventure with La Polla, where every dish tells a story of Argentina's rich gastronomic heritage. Delight in the handmade empanadas, each bite bursting with savory fillings and encased in perfectly crispy pastry. Savor the zesty tang of chimichurri sauce, a traditional accompaniment that elevates every meal. Explore the delightful textures of Tequeños, the savory goodness of sausage and chorizo sandwiches, and end your feast on a sweet note with creamy, caramel-flavored flan.
    Date: July 27th 2024
    Time: 10:30am-1:30pm

Say hello to our amazing vendors!

  • Letterbox Farm

    From Farm to Family, with Love. Letterbox Farm in Hudson, NY, epitomizes community-driven farming, delivering high-quality, ethically-raised poultry, pork, eggs, herbs, and more. Their broad spectrum of offerings, including a full-diet CSA, touches every aspect of food sovereignty and customer delight. With a steadfast commitment to animal welfare and land health, Letterbox Farm is a testament to the joy of farm-to-table living.

  • Simply Sweet Farm

    Goat Goodness Galore! In the heart of Stanfordville, Simply Sweet Farm stands out as the Hudson Valley's go-to for Nubian dairy goat delights. This haven crafts artisanal goat milk soap in small batches, embracing the art of simplicity in every bar. Bath bombs, travel soaps, sugar scrubs, and bath teas—all made with milk from their cherished goats—offer a luxurious treat for anyone looking for pure, farm-fresh pampering.

  • Balthazar Bakery

    A Taste of France Wherever You Are.  This renowned French bakery has been tirelessly serving the New York community for over 25 years.  They follow a simple philosophy in their work: use the finest ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional fare for signature breads and pastries.  

  • Herbs of Elysium

    A Love Letter to Stanfordville. A born and bred Stanfordville resident, Micaela is a crucial member of the community and is a pioneer when it comes to town growth.  She started gardening just down the street from the Market, and has come full circle to bring the seasoning to town life with her fresh herbs.

  • Bread Alone Bakery

    Family-founded, Future-forward.This family-operated bakery has been providing the Hudson Valley with top-quality artisan bread since 1983.  A staple in the community, Bread Alone is a perfect example of sustainable, slow food production.

  • Ugly Donut Co

    Great Taste is Always Beautiful. Glynis Carpenter wanted “special” donuts for her son's birthday, but she couldn’t find anything fresh or fun near her home in Stanfordville. Thus, Ugly Donut Co. was born, featuring whimsical shapes and classic and specialty flavors that are delicious and delightful, and they look...well...homemade.

  • Rural Center Refillery

    Community, Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility. Founded by Stanford residents, Nicole and Corey Clanahan, and based in Pine Plains, the Rural Center Refillery is on a mission to give back to their beloved community. They provide sustainably produced local artisan products ranging from coffees to nuts in bulk/low waste packaging.

  • Millbrook Beef & Dairy

    From Their Pastures to Your Plates. Brian and Keegan Donovan were brought together through farming and are committed to meeting the demand for local farm products. They believe living a simpler life is not a step backwards, but rather one forward, and they are the best in the biz for cheese and beef. They also farm a large garden for fresh produce.

  • Foliage Botanics

    Fostering Wellness through the Earth. Foliage Botanics is a passionate earth-minded & wellness based business based along a creek in traditional Shekomeko land in Pine Plains, NY. Run by herbalist and ecologist Hannah Smith Schiller, the focus is primarily on plant education, clinical herbalism, and small seasonal herbal products including teas, salves and tonics.

  • Cooper's Daughter

    From Father to Daughter. Cooper's Daughter Spirits is a woman-owned and family operated distillery, cooperage, and apple orchard. The name of the distillery tells the story of a father and daughter who combined their passions to create a business together, and set up shop right here in the Hudson Valley to be close to the farmers that inspire their spirits.

  • Heeler Farms

    Healthy Goodness. Heeler Farms embraces sustainable farming methods to bring fresh, affordable produce to their customers. A family-owned and operated farm, they're deeply rooted in the land and passionate about making high-quality whole foods accessible to everyone. From seed to harvest, they deliver farm-to-table goodness enhancing the health and happiness of every family.