Got Flowers?

I’ve been wondering about something.

When we think about the Farm-to-Table movement, we usually think about the freshest food that travels quickly from garden or field ending up on your table in time for a good healthy meal. I think about food too, but I also think about flowers and where they end up in our lives. (I know, I know, it’s really called the Field-to-Vase movement.)

dahlia dinner table arrangementI digress.

What I’ve been wondering about is why is it that at the top of the list when planning a wedding is to choose a florist (it was the first thing I thought about and that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing, farming dahlias). Brides and grooms want their tables to be festooned with beautiful floral arrangements, only the best for their guests and their unforgettably romantic day. A day that will live on forever in captivating photographs and carefully art directed videos.

But what happens after the wedding or any special celebrations? Where are the flowers on the dining table or any of the tables in our homes? There’s the coffee table, the side tables, the table in the foyer or the dresser or the caddy in the bathroom. In every room, there’s always room for flowers. So what’s with the flora disappearing act?

ny wedding flowersIt’s a fact that where there are flowers in your home, not only do they grace it with beauty for you and your guests to enjoy but also it’s been scientifically proven that they provide us with an overall sense of satisfaction and improve our emotional health. Flowers make us feel happy, whether we give them or receive them.

Unfortunately, the business has been threatened in recent years. Americans aren’t buying American grown flowers. Many farmers have dropped out because they can’t compete with the low wages paid to workers outside of the United States. We can’t impress enough the importance of buying local; it helps our communities by providing jobs and revenue to farmers. Just as important, buying local improves our environment by significantly reducing the carbon footprint. That bunch of flowers you just bought locally didn’t travel miles and miles by plane and then more miles by land.

At Bear Creek, we practice sustainable farming. We are also extremely sensitive to the importance of saving the bee population that has become threatened in recent years. God Save the Queen Bee!

Our team wholeheartedly supports the he movement to buy local. That’s why in September; Bear Creek Farm is hosting the American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour.

Sure we would love a dahlia in every vase and on every table, but there’s nothing like a homegrown flower of any kind. But you have to admit, dahlias are especially pretty wonderful.

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