Nature and Winter Craft

Nature and Winter Craft

At Bear Creek Farm, we are committed to nature as a four-season proposition. We are all about bringing the outside in - and collaborating. Finding the ways to feed the soul has a lot to do with this simple fact. Nature surrounds us – it is obvious in the woods of a rural area. However, it is present also on a busy city street with a bank of Christmas trees, wreaths, and other evergreen decorations for sale. 

Consider personalizing your holiday gift by both wrapping and decorating the item. Use the cuttings of evergreens to fashion tiny Christmas trees to tape to your packages, an idea we discovered from Jana on Instagram @sonnenschein_und_konfettiregen. (Consider, as well, using recycled brown paper for wrapping.) 

The process is not difficult. (For parents looking to involve their children in wrapping, this is a fun way to include them – with parental supervision, of course.) For those teaming up with especially little fingers, tape is an option to glue.
  1. Begin by sourcing evergreens and cut the tip off an individual branch. 
  2. Trim the needles off the bottom bit to create the illusion of a tree trunk. 
  3. Hold the cutting at the newly fashioned “trunk,” and cut the remaining needles into a triangle shape. Tape (or hot glue) the newly fashioned mini tree to the brown-paper wrapped gift. Voila! You can be done. 
  4. Or you can continue. Using a white pen, you can make snowflakes, stars, or other more general and inclusive holiday decorations. (We use tiny, dried straw flowers to top off our trees.)

At Bear Creek Farm, we always encourage experimentation. Winter crafts are no different. Think about star designs made of bark. Have fun with wrapping, turning it into an art project, rather than a chore.

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