Collection: Dahlia Tubers

At Bear Creek Farm, we nurture beauty from the ground up, offering numerous dahlia varieties of many different sizes (including micro, small, medium, large, and giant). 

Dahlias remind us of the journey of a cocoon to a butterfly - beginning as a humble tuber (they look like roots) and turning into a butterfly, dizzy with color. These colors range from the dramatic dark red dahlias to the more subtle and still entrancing lavender dahlia to bright glow-up orange dahlias, and to cream white dahlias - to name but a few. Dahlias are a unique flower, an entire universe atop a sturdy stem. 

Our collection of Dahlia Tubers, the root that delivers the beauty of these colorful flowers, is representative of the unique attributes of the dahlia. Each variety, from the Zundert Mystery Fox Tuber to the Feline Yvonne Tuber, has its unique charm, nurtured from the tuber to full bloom. Each one reveals different shapes, petals, and colors. In 2024, for the first time, we are offering two dahlias, Melody Mambo and Red Pygmy, suitable for pot growing. These are our only dahlias small enough to do well in pots or use as bedding dahlias in the front rows of gardens. They are extremely prolific.

Here is evidence of our ode to dahlias. Peruse our dahlia collection. It includes Giant Dahlia Tubers as well as our Dark Pink, Dark Red, and Lavender Dahlia Tubers. If you love dahlias but don’t know where to source them, or how to grow a dahlia, or even what a dahlia tuber is, you have come to the right place. At Bear Creek Farm, we offer a dahlia tuber video course that will teach you everything you need to know about planting, growing, and harvesting dahlias, as well as how to store a dahlia tuber to replant. Dahlia tuber sales will reopen in December.

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