The Easiest Best Wedding in the World

The Easiest Best Wedding in the World

Here at Bear Creek Farm, we understand how stressful wedding planning can be. The need to make so many choices and details for your special day can be overwhelming. That is why we have streamlined the process by offering one simple approach. We also explain why this option works best for so many couples.

We have discovered that many brides think DIY weddings from a farm are the best way to go. We’ve outlined below why this approach doesn’t work for everyone, and why we offer what we do.

We create innovative, simple wedding floral arrangements inspired by our surroundings here at our upstate New York farm. Bear Creek Farm has award-winning, super premium flowers, named Best Dahlias by New York Magazine. We grow more than 100 types of dahlias. You might elect to have a dahlia bouquet or a full dahlia wedding! We also offer a variety of seasonal blooms in a rich bouquet of colors and varieties, many exclusive posies not grown by other farms in the Northeast.

Bridal bouquet with roses, ranunculus, eucalyptus, and lavender

Personal Blooms – We highly recommend this popular method. It is a win-win option that gives a bride her own look with the right pop of color, and is completely natural and farm-fresh. Personal Blooms offers you numerous choices at extremely reasonable prices. You will get transparent pricing, farm-fresh flowers and beautiful personal bouquets and arrangements. Here, brides order off a set menu and detail their style and color preferences. We design carefully to those specifications with standard vases (the vases are hidden in the lush arrangements).

As for cost, the minimum order is $1000. Once confirmed, we ask for an advance down payment of 50%. The balance is due upon pick up of flowers.

Below, you’ll find further information on the other two types of weddings and some of their trouble spots:


Buckets of blooms
  • Bulk Blooms - This choice is for the bride who has an organizational mind. We’ve discovered that many good time-management skills come in handy as well. Numerous details have to be locked in days before the wedding, when anxiety levels and time constraints can be serious issues. You will need to ask yourself if you have the time to be your own wedding planner, and if you have the help and tools you’ll need. Flowers arrangements should be made a few days in advance and you'll need enough cooling or refrigeration space to keep everything fresh. Not all flowers need the same cooling temperatures as your home refrigerator either.

  • Full Service Blooms - This selection is for the bride who knows precisely what she wants and has the budget to pay for it. The bride who opts for full service specifies every single detail. She is an adept troubleshooter, a trait necessary for common wedding issues that pop up, such as the need to import out-of-season flowers; procuring special vases and pieces that need to be bought or rented; or complicated "off-menu” creations suited to a particular venue that must be created (unfortunately, this can drive the cost quite high). When it is custom, of course, your floral designer will procure and plan everything for you, but you just need to make the decisions of how much cost you wish to add and often these decisions move you afield of your originally planned budget.

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