Dahlias, The New Roses

Dahlias, The New Roses

I wonder...

Dahlias for sale nycIf orange is the new black, and navy was once said to be the new black, why can’t dahlias be the new roses? Who says everything has to come up roses? Who decided that roses are the ultimate expression of love? dahlias for sale new yorkFrankly, love is the last thing anyone would think of when pricked by a rose stem’s thorn. Ouch! Talking about stems, a long stem rose can’t compare with a dahlia’s stem that can be as long as 24 inches!

21st Century love is different...

red-dahliaDahlias are fast becoming the new classics keeping up with the changing times. The way we date, the way we marry, the way we choose to live. We’re free to go beyond the expected, beyond the “you can’t go wrong” choices. There’s no more versatile flower that symbolizes all kinds of love than the dahlia. Even their names are captivating – Gladiator (much nicer than Olivia Pope’s gladiators on Scandal), Bodacious, Loverboy is another – is someone trying to tell you something? You can feel the love in the air when you see our dahlias standing tall in a field worshiping the sun or in a vase adorning whatever space they’re in. At Bear Creek, we just don’t grow our dahlias; they are curated from tuber to full-grown. As soon as we cut them, they’re placed in 160 – 180 degree water for an hour. It gives them a longer life. And while that life can be fleeting when you put them in a vase, it can be lengthened - we suggest you change the water every three days, snip a ½ inch on a diagonal and make sure the water is room temperature. Diva (she would) and Hakuyou have been known to last up to two weeks - the longer to love them. Instead of promising a rose garden, let’s promise a dahlia garden. "Love is the flower that you have to let grow." John Lennon

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