Farm-fresh Arrangements

Beautifully arranged · Simple process · Transparently priced


Farm-fresh wedding floral arrangements

First of all, we understand how stressful wedding planning can be. With so many choices, so much conflicting advice and sometimes little transparency regarding the cost of things, planning your wedding can quickly go from exciting to downright overwhelming. 

That’s why we provide this simple, uncluttered approach to floral planning. Our process is streamlined by offering a limited range of lush, fresh arrangements, making selecting what’s best for your wedding easy. We then arrange your selections using the best of what’s growing locally the week of your wedding. And our pricing is transparent, so you can create your own custom package while staying within budget. As a result, all you have to do provide us with your color palette and theme!

This package is for couples who love fresh-from-the-garden flowers in beautifully organic, abundant arrangements, but who don’t require large, customized styling, or on-site setup. This solution is ideal for those wanting personal flowers, centerpieces, and focal arrangements.

Having an event other than a wedding?

No problem! We offer a similar approach for event arrangements and centerpieces.

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