Hudson Valley and Manhattan CSA

Fill your home with color and beauty each week from mid-March through October with our CSA. We offer three gorgeous, sustainably grown, fresh harvested flower varieties, in bloom during different times throughout the year: poppies, peonies and dahlias. Pickup is available at Manhattan’s Union Square Market, Bedford, New York for Westchester County, Stanfordville, NY for Dutchess County, and Greenwich, Connecticut.

What is a CSA? CSA is an abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you become a member of our CSA, you are buying a share of the flowers that we produce each season. By purchasing a share, for four or six weeks, we will deliver our award-winning beautiful blooms to the pickup location of your choice. Here’s the best part. When you buy a CSA share, there is a substantial savings over the single stem price. It is our way of saying thank you for your continued support and generosity toward the farm.

We have different share options available to choose what suits you best. If you select more than one flower, there will be extra blooms coming your way as a sign of our gratitude and appreciation. CSA members are emailed 1-2 weeks before scheduled start date of each share.

Iceland Poppy Share

Cheery, whimsical Iceland Poppies are quite rare. They are our first flowers of the season and offer a pop of color and warmth after a long winter. Spring share starts sometime in March.

Iceland Poppy share sold out for 2021 season


Peony Share

Is there anything better to announce the arrival of summer than a peony? We have eight varieties of stunning, long-lasting double peonies: Nancy Nicholls, White Wicker, White Ivory, Duchesse de Nemours, My Love, Mother’s Choice, Fringed Ivory and Amalia Olson. Bloom time is toward the end of May and throughout June.

Peony share sold out for 2021 season


Dahlia Share

Magnificent dahlias are the floral event of late summer with their remarkable shapes, hypnotic symmetry, and a vast color range from fully saturated primaries to delicate pastels. We grow over 100 varieties in every size, and giant dinner plate dahlias are our specialty. All our dahlias are cut gracefully long, with 24″ stems. We expect blooming to begin in early September.

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