Dahlia Tuber Workshop – Sold Out

By popular demand! We are hosting two Covid-19 safe, socially-distant dahlia tuber workshops at our farm. Here’s a chance to experience the refreshing fall air of the beautiful Hudson Valley and gain valuable training at the same time.

We’ve learned from guests at other events that tuber handling can be an anxiety-producing part of the dahlia experience so we want to help guide the way and eliminate any concerns you might have. There are many alternative ways to manage the process depending on quantity of tubers, equipment, and time you want to dedicate. You’ll get hands-on experience with different options to figure out what’s best for you.

What Will be Featured?

Quality Dahlia TubersIncluded in this jam-packed half day will be on-site participation in how a commercial grower processes tubers. This will be followed by practice in digging and washing tubers. Next up will be tuber division and its various methods. Throughout the session, we will discuss the options of leaving tubers in the ground versus digging, and pros and cons of dividing tubers in the fall versus spring.

We will help you develop a solid understanding of tuber storage. There are many ways to manage this. It’s dependent not only on the time one wishes to dedicate to packing, but also to available space and temperature controls. Together we will try all the different approaches and talk about which best suits your situation. It is a small, intimate group so all questions can be easily addressed.

Whether you are a gardener, dedicated dahlia lover or flower farmer, at the end of the day, you’ll be armed with all the possible ways to handle your dahlia tubers. You might decide one way is right for you or to try several this season to see what works best.

Participation is strictly limited so the entire experience will be personal and intimate. Registration is open for the workshop. Book here.

What’s Included

  • All materials including tubers and cutting tools.
  • Take home reference guide.
  • Discount for 2020 Bear Creek Farm dahlia tuber purchase.
  • Very limited class size to enable personalized attention, Covid-19 safety, and question time.

Who Will Benefit and Bloom from Our Workshop

  • Flower lovers/hobbyists who want to successfully overwinter their favorite garden dahlias.
  • Flower farmers who want to enhance their dahlia knowledge and understand tuber differences.
  • Florists/floral designers who want to understand more about dahlias, which can be finicky.


Half day workshop is $275. Class size is severely limited. Please sign up here.

Referral Discount

When you and a friend sign up together, we will extend a 10% off discount to each of you! Email us at info@nullbearcreekfarm.com for more info.

Register here

Q & A

Q:  I want to bring my camera to record videos so I can rewatch later.  Is that okay?
A:  So sorry but video recording of any kind is strictly prohibited during our workshop.

Q:  What does the fee include:
A:  A special tuber cutting knife, snips, other materials, as well as  the tubers you will cut that day. It also includes waterproof information sheet, food, and staff we need to make the session a phenomenal success. It is truly an extraordinary opportunity.

Q:  What is cancellation and refund policy?
A;  We plan our business on booked events. With that, this workshop is not cancellable, non-transferable and non-refundable. While we understand that life happens sometimes, please verify that you can 100% attend before you register. Check all travel aspects. We will not be able to refund you for any monies paid at any point, for any reason. Our course involves staffing, vendors, rentals, product, and many other elements that are based on a “by attendant” basis. We are charged based on the number of people that register and we are also unable to make cancellations with vendors making this course non-refundable.

Q:  Is there a rain date?
A:  Yes, in the event of rain, the Sunday following the Saturday date of each session will be a rain date. Attendees are only permitted to come to the Sunday following their appointed Saturday, i.e. November 15 instead of November 14 or November 22 instead of November 21, due to the necessity to maintain a small size group in each session for safety reasons.

Book Tuber Class Here

Special note:  The farm team learns so much from the attendees at our workshops. Thank you to all who have attended. One thing that’s been requested is more discussion on tubers. While there is only so much we can cover during a full day, we can respond through a specially focused opportunity such as this, with ample time allotted for demos and hands-on sessions. Thank you for the suggestion!

And for those who might be interested, here’s a sampling of feedback we have received from other workshops.

“(Debra’s) approach is completely unique to me… I feel she did a very deep research about the needs and the absolute ideal conditions this plant has to be grown…I felt a lot of confidence in trying to experiment with what you got… Gathering all this info it is hard work so I truly appreciate this and I do not regret the $ I spent at all for this day”….Kinga

“Visiting Bear Creek Farm is something to treasure. It’s a space that allows you to unwind and reconnect with nature and understand just how possible it is to create an oasis of your own at home. Debra hasn’t been doing this her whole life. She made a pivot from a successful, corporate career into the farm life – and seeing that in action is incredibly inspiring and encouraging.”… Justin

“I’ve been growing dahlias for almost 10 years, but visiting Bear Creek Farm has taken my dahlia game to a whole new level – I can’t wait to implement everything I learned next growing season!”…Alicia

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