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The Bloom is Ever Present on the Dahlia

This year for gardeners is really tough. The northeast has been pummeled with heavy rain. Temperatures have run high. Rain and heat make sustained garden work difficult as soil damage is a real concern. The most devoted gardeners are forced to watch as weeds take over. I’ll concede that this is a struggle. We are so often trained to believe that hard work guarantees success. When the most obvious measures of success fail, where does that leave us?  Read more

Potter to Presidents, Christopher Spitzmiller

The great American writer Flannery O’Connor has said that to create great work, we must get our hands dirty. The renowned ceramicist Christopher Spitzmiller elevates this concept. The highly regarded designer creates his inimitable ceramic lamps by hand at his eponymous NYC design studio; he spends weekends knee-deep in his garden on Clove Brook Farm,… Read more

Man Sniffs Flowers

American photographer and artist William Wegman is famous for making humorous portraits and videos of his beloved Weimaraner dogs. Turns out the whole family has a keen sense of smell. I was fortunate to interview the famous artist for the second in our series about the power of flowers and the memories they evoke. Shown… Read more

The Curative Power of Flowers

While there are enormous gifts that arise from owning a flower farm, none are greater than the friends I have made that are borne of a mutual love of flowers. I’m fortunate to engage regularly in amazing conversations with Bear Creek Farm’s always-fascinating clients via phone, email, text and in person. I want to shine… Read more