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5 Things to Know about Growing Dahlias in the Heat

Growing dahlias in summertime creates unique challenges. Excessive heat is but one. Effectively strategizing to innovate, experiment, and offer solutions is as important an exercise as any - even as the (nutrient-rich ground) shifts under us. T.S. Eliot wrote, “[F]or us there is only the trying”. Dahlia season is upon us. The light changes, the evenings hasten, a bit. The world will soon, be awash, vibrant - in color. Read more

She Can’t Stop Planting

Connecticut-based master and super talented potter Frances Palmer spins handmade ceramics for everyday use. Perhaps best known for her whimsical take on dishware and vases, a lesser-known fact is her lustrous work as a flower gardener. She shares how powerful childhood memories surrounding flowers informs her work as an artisan today. From early childhood, Frances… Read more

A Rose By Any Other Name

China Forbes is the breathtakingly talented lead singer for the genre-bending band Pink Martini, who is touring select cities this fall. In addition to her love for music, Forbes is a major flower fan. She is intimately in touch with a powerful childhood memory she gained while growing up in the Massachusetts countryside. “We lived… Read more

The Easiest Best Wedding in the World

Here at Bear Creek Farm, we understand how stressful wedding planning can be. The need to make so many choices and details for your special day can be overwhelming. That is why we have streamlined the process by offering one simple approach. We also explain why this option works best for so many couples. We… Read more

Instagram tips

Instagram Tips from Bear Creek Farm for Better Homes & Gardens

Sometimes it's not easy to translate the beauty of your garden easily through photographs. That's why Bear Creek Farm, along with other fantastic contributors, shares Instagram tips with Better Homes & Gardens. Read more

Got Flowers?

I’ve been wondering about something. When we think about the Farm-to-Table movement, we usually think about the freshest food that travels quickly from garden or field ending up on your table in time for a good healthy meal. I think about food too, but I also think about flowers and where they end up in… Read more

Introducing Bear Creek Farm

The Hamlet of Stanfordville is one of the small Dutchess County villages clustered around the Taconic Parkway in upstate New York. The first Dutch and French Huguenots colonists arrived in the late Seventeenth Century to farm its fertile Hudson Valley. Read more