Lattice Vase


The Lattice Vase takes one of the most essential tools for arranging—floral tape—and renders it in ceramic. This 8” tall vase features a 5” wide mouth that is completed with a ceramic grid to make arranging a breeze. Carved details on the vase’s body add depth and texture. The Lattice Vase is designed with natural, lush arrangements in mind, providing sturdy support for larger flowers like peonies, dahlias, and all the tall varieties offered by Bear Creek Farm while offering plenty of extra room for accents and fillers.


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Birch, Natural

The Lattice Vase is available in Birch, a matte, sandy glaze that has the faintest of shines, and Natural, raw speckled clay with clear glaze at the rim and interior.

Each Lattice Vase is made-to-order. All vases follow the same design and approximate dimensions while boasting individual marks that showcase the maker’s hands. Like the flowers that will fill them, no two vases are identical—each is one-of-a-kind.