Dahlia Inspired

Got Flowers?

I’ve been wondering about something. When we think about the Farm-to-Table movement, we usually think about the freshest food that travels quickly from garden or field ending up on your table in time for a good healthy meal. I think about food too, but I also think about flowers and where they end up in… Read more

My Beautiful Orange Tractor

The new tractor’s been pulling its weight here at Bear Creek Farm for a few weeks. What a difference added horsepower and the right implements make to a neophyte dahlia farmer! The soil preparation and the planting have been going smoothly thanks to my Kioti NX6010. But it didn’t start out that way. The Friday… Read more

Dahlias, The New Roses

I wonder… If orange is the new black, and navy was once said to be the new black, why can’t dahlias be the new roses? Who says everything has to come up roses? Who decided that roses are the ultimate expression of love? Frankly, love is the last thing anyone would think of when pricked… Read more

Bear Creek Farms Gets a New Tractor

When I made up my mind to grow dahlias at Bear Creek Farm, I knew I was joining a select group. Most commercial dahlia growers raise their crops in the Pacific Northwest. I, on the other hand, work the soil here in Stanfordville in Dutchess County, New York, where the competition is sparse, so friendly… Read more

Think Spring. Think Dahlias

When Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s time to think flowers. Or, in my case, dinner plate dahlias. But to tell to the truth, at Bear Creek Farm all of us are always thinking about dahlias no matter what the date. Hakuyou, a Bear Creek Farm favorite. Right after the first hard frost… Read more

Dowsing in Dutchess County

Before returning to New York and to Stanfordville, I lived for many years in various European cities. As an expat, to survive and thrive in an overseas environment, I had to be open to new ideas and unfamiliar ways of doing things. These lessons have served me well as I slowly transform Bear Creek Farm… Read more

Introducing Bear Creek Farm

The Hamlet of Stanfordville is one of the small Dutchess County villages clustered around the Taconic Parkway in upstate New York. The first Dutch and French Huguenots colonists arrived in the late Seventeenth Century to farm its fertile Hudson Valley. Read more


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