Dahlia Inspired

Smooth Sailing With Wholesaling

Working with wholesalers provides superb benefits that are some of the best-kept secrets among small, local flower farmers. At first glance, it might seem easy to shrug off wholesalers as big business types who sell at sky-high price points and can’t see the forest for the fees. They can appear to put America second with… Read more

Man Sniffs Flowers

American photographer and artist William Wegman is famous for making humorous portraits and videos of his beloved Weimaraner dogs. Turns out the whole family has a keen sense of smell. I was fortunate to interview the famous artist for the second in our series about the power of flowers and the memories they evoke. Shown… Read more

The Curative Power of Flowers

While there are enormous gifts that arise from owning a flower farm, none are greater than the friends I have made that are borne of a mutual love of flowers. I’m fortunate to engage regularly in amazing conversations with Bear Creek Farm’s always-fascinating clients via phone, email, text and in person. I want to shine… Read more

You Can Take It with You

Flowers have been aligned with fashion for centuries in many cultures, from bright Indian saris, Japanese kimonos, to Boho and Grecian headdresses or stylized a la Frida Kahlo. Flowers adorned during rituals represent powerful symbols of our deepest traditions and rites of passage—from birth to marriage to death, and to all matters of the heart… Read more

Brand Positioning: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Positioning a company correctly makes it distinctive and helps provide a detailed roadmap for growth. However, though earlier in my career, I helped position some of the world’s best-known companies and products, I am equally like the shoemaker’s child who always goes barefoot. When the time came to position my brand, I was at a… Read more

Erin Benzakein Sniffs Out Delicate Treasures

First in a series about the power of flowers and the memories they evoke… Ever wonder why those flowers you got at the grocery store the other day smell like the paper they were wrapped in? Yea, so did Erin Benzakein. She runs Floret Flower Farm in the Skagit Valley, a rural haven in the… Read more

Photo by Manuel

I Get My Freakebana On

Photo by Manuel It is getting pretty ugly in here. Or is it ugly-pretty? I refer, of course, to Freakebana (pronounced “free-ke-ba-na”), the ultra-trendy, a-mug-only-a-mother-could-love take on arranging whatever you like. Stella Bugbee, the brilliant editor in chief of The Cut, coined the term. Freakebana is the Instagram-strong, and sometimes gallery-featured, art created by mixing… Read more

Welcome to My Dahlia Bulb Moment

As is the case with many startups, an adventurous dose of passion ignited Bear Creek Farm. Quite simply I fell in love with my husband, I fell in love with dahlias, and soon we had a farm. This happened very quickly, after my florist friend informed me that the Hudson Valley was too far to… Read more

Photo by Lalla Essaydi

How We Broke the Mold

Photo-by-Lalla-Essaydi When it comes to conventional farming wisdom on ways to remove mold, the word “crazy” springs to mind. That is how I felt the first year that I grew dahlias, when a horrendous mold hit and I lost half my crop. I was completely devastated, and I frantically began searching for a solution within… Read more

Instagram tips

Instagram Tips from Bear Creek Farm for Better Homes & Gardens

Sometimes it's not easy to translate the beauty of your garden easily through photographs. That's why Bear Creek Farm, along with other fantastic contributors, shares Instagram tips with Better Homes & Gardens. Read more