Monthly Archives: August 2021

5 Things to Know about Growing Dahlias in the Heat

Growing dahlias in summertime creates unique challenges. Excessive heat is but one. Effectively strategizing to innovate, experiment, and offer solutions is as important an exercise as any - even as the (nutrient-rich ground) shifts under us. T.S. Eliot wrote, “[F]or us there is only the trying”. Dahlia season is upon us. The light changes, the evenings hasten, a bit. The world will soon, be awash, vibrant - in color. Read more

The Bloom is Ever Present on the Dahlia

This year for gardeners is really tough. The northeast has been pummeled with heavy rain. Temperatures have run high. Rain and heat make sustained garden work difficult as soil damage is a real concern. The most devoted gardeners are forced to watch as weeds take over. I’ll concede that this is a struggle. We are so often trained to believe that hard work guarantees success. When the most obvious measures of success fail, where does that leave us?  Read more